Keys Sapient-Optimized Residental Automated Habitat (S.O.R.A.H.) for short
Keys Sapient Optimized Residential Automated Habitat


I am pleased to say that I finally have keys in hand. What was supposed to occur on Friday finally occurred on Tuesday after much running about, resigning, jumping through loops and changing the start date on an insurance policy that had already been issued. Surprisingly, none of the hold-ups were due to us, the [...]

Sapient Optimized Residential Automated Habitat

Sapient-Optimized Residental Automated Habitat (S.O.R.A.H.) for short

After years of consideration, I finally find myself in the position where I will soon be able to count myself amongst the millions of other American home owners. There was a time when I thought I might rent forever as renting is easy and relatively responsibility free. This has changed, however, as I have gone [...]


Let those who sre suppose to be representing us that the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act aren’t in our best interest. Zip Code 98072 Zip Code 98125 Zip Code 98195 Zip Code 85295 or visit, replacing xxxxx with your zip code to find out how to contact your representatives.

Saying goodbye to 2011

Twenty-eleven has come and gone and looking back, I have been woefully inactive in the space.  Had I waited another week, it would have been a year since my last update.  In the past, this would be the point when I would offer apologies followed by a vow to try and do better.  I know [...]

A new decade has dawned

We’ve finally said goob-bye to the noughties, all proper-like this time, and already things are looking exciting. On the school front, I have an impending second-year exam coming up in which I get to state the research I’ve been doing with silver nanoparticles and, in part, defend its validity. I can’t say that it is [...]

Thoughts on my first official conference as a graduate student

First off, I am not mean enough for the DC area. While I have been to the DC area once or twice as a child, I was just that, a child and I was buffered from the reality of DC by my grandparents and the safety of their van. I didn’t have much trouble making [...]